Smoke and Mirrors

A Meeting of the Dark Minds…

Back in June of 2013, I commissioned photographer Christine Shields to work with me exclusively in crafting an entirely new model image portfolio for Ghostlove. This was meant to coincide with the Ghostlove v2.0 web site launch. I chose Christine out of (potentially) thousands of other photographers because her artistic post production aesthetic and mastery of color, shadow, and texture is a visual banquet for me. I always wanted a ghostly, ethereal look for all of my model images and her immense talent would finally allow for this.

In addition, Christine’s commitment to professionalism above all else is identical to mine, which is something I have found highly illusive in this industry. It is so amazing to work with someone who understands the look you are going for, speaks your ‘style language’, and is just an all-around awesome person!

Finding the right faces for this project proved to be a challenge that I was uniquely qualified for, as I am not only a jewelry designer, but a fine artist and student of film as well. The first time I laid eyes on Cassie Meder (Casstronaut), I knew I had found a muse. She is not only jaw-droppingly beautiful, but her look encompasses just about every dark aesthetic out there…from sci fi to tribal warrior to steampunk to classic goth. (I suppose all successful models have this kind of versatile look.)

Cassie’s experience modeling made this first lookbook – Smoke and Mirrors – a delight for me. I did not instruct her whatsoever, nor did I feel she needed instructing. Her facial expressions and poses evoke a primordial, ghost-like presence, with an undercurrent of despair and angst. This visual proclivity is wonderfully paired with the pieces she is wearing – mourning jewelry from the Memento Mori collection, as well as select pieces from The Armory with a LOT of attitude.


Ghostlove Jewelry
Smoke and Mirrors Lookbook – July 2013
Photographer – Christine Shields
Model / MUA / Styling – {CASSTRONAUT}
All images © Ghostlove Jewelry, LLC.


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