Concrete Angel

For the Concrete Angel lookbook, I wanted to create images that presented a juxtaposition of both the feminine and masculine. Originally, this set was going to be called “Rugged Marilyn” – a sort of Marilyn Monroe meets G.I. Joe look. What we ended up with, however, was something much more visually intriguing.

The model for this set is the breathtaking Lana Moon Nyman. Lana’s look is angelic, yet fierce and captivating. Her eyes evoke yearning and a hint of seduction in each of these shots.

All of the images were shot against a decorative wall outside photographer Christine Shields‘ studio in Portland, OR. There is a delightful combination of colors and textures here – Lana’s soft lilac hair and dark smokey makeup against the rough, dull concrete; and the shiny silver metal against her pale skin. Once again, Christine’s post production mastery shines through. The ghost-like vapor trail effects create an ethereal presence, which I absolutely love.

Lana is wearing new pieces from the Memento Mori collection, as well as classic pieces from the Steampunk and Victorian collections.




Ghostlove Jewelry
Concrete Angel Lookbook – July 2013
Photographer – Christine Shields
Model / MUA / Styling – Lana Moon Nyman
All images © Ghostlove Jewelry, LLC.


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