Tribal Warrior

For the Tribal Warrior Lookbook, photographer Christine Shields and I had the opportunity to work with an awesome mohawk feather headdress from LA-based designer Bubbles and Frown. Shooting with this type of statement piece requires quite a bit of planning in terms of wardrobe and styling, as the look can easily venture into gaudy.

Model Cassie Meder (Casstronaut) brought a tremendous amount of creativity and craft to this shoot, using pieces from her personal wardrobe, as well as a gifted chain mail bra harness from John Palmer. She also conceived and executed her own tribal makeup and styling with very little instruction from myself. The result is cinematic imagery that feels genuine and sophisticated. I absolutely love the color and shadow Christine added in post production to give these photos their subtle, muted tone.

Cassie is wearing several new Ghostlove pieces from The Armory and Memento Mori collections, as well as classic finger and wrist armor.

Ghostlove Jewelry
Tribal Warrior Lookbook Sept 2013
Photographer – Christine Shields
Model / MUA / Styling – {CASSTRONAUT}
Feather Mohawk – Bubbles and Frown
Chain Mail Bra Harness – John Palmer
All images © Ghostlove Jewelry, LLC.


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