All Tomorrow’s Parties

Inamorata_Chelsy_2_1000The “All Tomorrow’s Parties” Lookbook was shot by the talented Christine Shields, whom I work with exclusively to craft all model imagery for the Ghostlove web site. Model Chelsy Taxel was tasked with composing a disposition akin to a young woman stranded at a party by her most beloved. Makeup artist Destiny Taylor provided the tousled hair and tear-stained makeup that accompanies Chelsy’s pained expressions.

Shot in SW Portland amidst a lush garden backdrop, this imagery is both enchanting and somber. Chelsy is wearing a pair of earrings from Ghostlove’s Victorian Collection, as well as several pieces from Wild Hearts.

Inamorata_Chelsy_1_1000Inamorata_Chelsy_3_1000Inamorata_Chelsy_4_1000My_Heart_Chelsy_2_1000My_Heart_Chelsy_3_1000My_Heart_Chelsy_1_1000Chains_of_Love_Chelsy_1_1000 Chains_of_Love_Chelsy_2_1000 Chains_of_Love_Chelsy_3_1000 Chains_of_Love_Chelsy_4_1000     Key_to_my_Heart_Chelsy_1_1000 Key_to_my_Heart_Chelsy_2_1000 Key_to_my_Heart_Chelsy_3_1000 Little_Wing_Chelsy_2_1000Little_Wing_Chelsy_1_1000  Little_Wing_Chelsy_3_1000 Little_Wing_Chelsy_4_1000Loli_Finery_Chelsy_3_1000 Loli_Finery_Chelsy_1_1000 Loli_Finery_Chelsy_2_1000     The_Escape_Artist_Chelsy_2_1000The_Escape_Artist_Chelsy_1_1000  The_Escape_Artist_Chelsy_3_1000

Ghostlove Jewelry
The Runaway Lookbook – April 2014
Photographer – Christine Shields
Model – Chelsy Taxel
Hair / MUA – Destiny Taylor
All images copyright Ghostlove Jewelry, LLC


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