The Runaway


Once again, photographer Christine Shields and I worked together for “The Runaway” Lookbook. This photo set features Ghostlove’s newest model – Chesly Taxel. Chelsy is wearing a flirty chiffon strapless dress from her personal collection and holds a magnificent vintage 70’s suitcase from Christine’s personal collection.

Shot in SW Portland, the team simply perused the local scenery and chose the perfect location amidst a wealth of gorgeous landscape. Chelsy is wearing new and classic pieces from Ghostlove’s Wild Hearts Collection. Hair and makeup by Destiny Taylor.


King_and_Queen_Chelsy_2_1000King_and_Queen_Chelsy_4_1000King_and_Queen_Chelsy_5_1000Girl_on_Fire_Chelsy_1_1000Girl_on_Fire_Chelsy_2_1000 Girl_on_Fire_Chelsy_3_1000 Girl_on_Fire_Chelsy_4_1000      Prisoner_of_Love_Glam_Bracelet_Chelsy_1_1000 Prisoner_of_Love_Glam_Bracelet_Chelsy_2_1000 Prisoner_of_Love_Glam_Chelsy_1_1000 Prisoner_of_Love_Glam_Chelsy_2_1000 Prisoner_of_Love_Glam_Chelsy_3_1000 Prisoner_of_Love_Mini_Bracelet_Chelsy_1_1000 Prisoner_of_Love_Mini_Bracelet_Chelsy_2_1000 Prisoner_of_Love_mini_Chelsy_1_1000 Prisoner_of_Love_mini_Chelsy_4_1000The_Great_Escape_Chelsy_2_1000 The_Great_Escape_Chelsy_1_1000  The_Great_Escape_Chelsy_3_1000

Ghostlove Jewelry
The Runaway Lookbook – April 2014
Photographer – Christine Shields
Model – Chelsy Taxel
Hair / MUA – Destiny Taylor
All images copyright Ghostlove Jewelry, LLC


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